Unconscious Jukebox: 3/28/14–Sweet Respite

Well, it would be dishonest to claim that I’ve had no material to contribute to the UJ lately, but what I’ve had to offer is so odious that it seems cruel to share it.

Unconscious Jukebox 2/21/14

Unconscious Jukebox 2/21/14

Well, it was a battle in my skull this morning. Started off with this paen to hippy patriarchy:


Then, inexplicably, we moved on to more wholesome territory:


I wonder if Lindsay Lohan will ever be an ambassador?

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Unconscious Jukebox

Well, this was a weird one to wake up to. Basically the first four minutes here.

It’s a Sun City Girls track from a mysterious mix tape reputedly given to the poster’s girlfriend by the late John Fahey. Strange sounds, strange web of events.

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The Subconscious Jukebox

The first installment of a series featuring songs that are looping in my head when I wake up.

Today’s feature:


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